As the body of Christ, the Church has an obligation to help the needy people in our charge.  Just as the early Church chose seven men to assist widows, our Church has an outreach ministry that assists those that contact us.

     The Community Care ministry helps the needs with groceries, allowing them to use their finances to pay their bills.  We also encourage them in the Word of God.  Those that receive our help attend a service where the Word of God is spoken.  It's important that their spiritual need is met as well as their physical.

     Through the Community Care outreach, families are blessed at Christmas that otherwise wouldn't have much.  Coats are distributed to families of lower income.  Community dinners are prepared and served once a month at St. Pauls Methodist Church.

Jesus Loves Me bags are filled with hygiene products and distributed to the Savation Army, Michigan Works, New Beginnings, Mercy House, Heart Beat, Philadelphia House and the Sunshine House.

     All in all, the Community Care ministry is striving to do just that; care for the community.